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Mar 26, 2017

On this episode, Juliette comes to terms with an unfortunate reality, engages in word play, loses big, wrangles a Madagascar hissing cockroach, quotes Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, admits her roots, introduces The Harpy, and reveals a centuries-old curse… All while drinking David Nicholson Reserve bourbon.

Mar 19, 2017

On this episode, Juliette gets a head start on drinking, experiences a shocking surprise, uses a Myth Busters argument, engages in a stare-down, takes matters into her own hands, unleashes chemical fury, calls a new number, debates bad decisions, introduces Wally Wrong Turn, experiences a direct sales...

Mar 12, 2017

On this episode, Juliette wanders down a pier, witnesses a winged eclipse, takes her chances with a refrigerator carton, gets carried away, issues a death stare, is asked an uncomfortable question, counters a rumor, and acts on her fake wedding checklist … All while drinking A.D. Laws bourbon.

Mar 5, 2017

On this episode, Juliette faces off with a cannon, loses dining privileges, sells out to a cookie, visits a former Playboy club, pays for free drinks the hard way, enjoys fondue, and offers tips on how to crash a corporate event … All while drinking Whiskey Acres rye whiskey.

Feb 26, 2017

On this episode, Juliette is joined by comedian, actor, and writer Nick Di Paolo. They discuss the politics of comedy, how audiences have changed over time, the way comedy has evolved, Nick's podcast and new comedy special Inflammatory, his work with Chris Rock and writing for the Oscars ©A.M.P.A.S.®, as...