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Dec 9, 2018

Juliette questions the validity of DNA results, finds family tree crazy, visits an atomic wonderland, bartends past bedtime, mistakes Santa Claus, witnesses a massacre to a classic, appreciates the Budweiser clydesdales, experiences Christmas spirit, attempts to grant a wish, relates a perversely happy memory, and...

Dec 2, 2018

Juliette sets up a casino sting, treads on trendy shoes, doctors up with not-so-nice intentions, wagers on vomit, encounters rage juice, enters a bubblegum factory relationship, plays an unsexy game, and spearheads an uncomfortable truth… All while drinking Barrell Bourbon Batch 16.

Nov 18, 2018

Juliette visits Whiskey acres distillery, stares down a steamy mash pool, reduces into a cardboard box, accepts a Thanksgiving invitation, tests a heating system, evokes The Great Dismal Swamp, scrapes off char, visits a Laurel Canyon cottage, gets dangerously festive, consults pioneers, empties a room, picks out...

Nov 11, 2018

Juliette heads to Nashville with her guy to bash a country bar, fear alien subliminal messages, hunt down real country music, heckle a band, take on the sidewalk, assume a new identity, snag complementary cheese, break up a posse, secure a scooter, and keep it classy ... all while drinking Whiskey Acres 5.5 bourbon.

Oct 21, 2018

Juliette visits a haunted New Orleans ballroom, twirls with a ghost, takes on a tour guide, loses her guy to the supernatural, contemplates explanations, fakes interest, dismisses a scare, lingers with clowns, and stumbles into a shocking situation… All while drinking Driftless Glen single barrel straight...