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Mar 31, 2016

In this interview episode, Juliette Miranda talks to comedian Ari Shaffir. Ari discusses his Comedy Central show "This is Not Happening," breaking his ankle, comedy in the UK, and teaches Juliette the proper way to do mushrooms, all while she enjoys a glass of Johnnie Walker Platinum scotch. 

Mar 26, 2016

On this episode of The Unwritable Rant, Juliette tells a regrettable bunny story for Easter, exacts revenge on bullies, and reviews the Netflix show Flaked, all while drinking Jefferson's Ocean bourbon.

Mar 20, 2016

Juliette interviews Sara Karloff, daughter of iconic actor Boris Karloff. Sara recounts stories of her father's years in Hollywood, his relationship with Bela Lugosi, what he did with his Grammy, and so much more.

Mar 13, 2016

On this episode of The Unwritable Rant, Juliette rants about a trip to Jamaica gone wrong and the times nature has tried to kill her, and reviews the movie The Witch, all while drinking a somewhat confusing mojito with Sailor Jerry rum.

Mar 5, 2016

This week, Juliette interviews Rain Pryor. Rain is an actress, singer, comedienne, and daughter of the late comedian Richard Pryor. She discusses her memoir "Jokes My Father Never Taught Me," one-woman show "Fried Chicken & Latkes," time on the TV show "Head of the Class," and her father and family.