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Jul 31, 2016

On this episode, Juliette find an unlikely surprise in a Tiffany box, learns sociopathic tendencies, and takes on Nashville the hard way... All while drinking a Paloma cocktail.

Jul 24, 2016

Juliette tests her culinary skills, hotwires a curling iron, puts Scrabble skills to mischievous use, and watches her town hit the brink of insanity… All while drinking Angel’s Envy bourbon.

Jul 17, 2016

On this episode, Juliette identifies a harbinger, knows her cheese, visits a truck stop, buys fireworks from a carny, and almost dies on a beach ... All while drinking Elijah Craig small batch bourbon. 

Jul 10, 2016

On this episode, Juliette speaks with rock legend Chuck Negron. Chuck discusses his current tour and album, the ups and downs of Three Dog Night, his battle with drugs and living clean for 25 years, and shares stories he admits have never been told before. 

Jul 3, 2016

On this special episode, Juliette shares her favorite clips of celebrity interviews, stories behind the interviews, archived segments never heard before, and some behind the scenes talk with the guests.